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My name is Twila Washington and I am an IEP Coach and Advisor. If you found this site you probably know what IEP means. If not I will let you in on a secret. IEP stands for Individual Education Plan. This is a plan developed by the public school system to aid your child in getting a free and appropriate education.  Why do I need an advocate if its free, you might ask?  The problem is that free is not exactly free when it comes to a child having a disability. As a parent with a child with a disability you need to know your rights as well as your child's rights. Your understanding of these rights are crucial to your child receiving what is needed for a Free and Appropriate Education(FAPE). 


This is where I come in!! 

​I will provide advocacy where you see fit. I provide services for IEP meetings, Advocacy letters, mentoring prior to IEP meetings via phone, email, or in person. 

An IEP is only an extra extension of hope that we have for our children. I am here to provide strength, an extra breath of air, and a sigh of relief. Let's travel this journey together. 


The above beautiful bundle of joy is my 9 year old daughter whom was diagnosed with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder and ADHD at 2 years 8 months. I was thrown into the Special Education System with no clue of what to do or where to go for help. Needless to say she lost 2 years of education due to the school system not providing FAPE. It is now my mission and my passion to help special needs families to understand their rights in this confusing world of special education.

 Let me help you and your child create a working relationship with your special education team. Together we can work on seeing more of the ABLE instead of DISABLE in our little heroes. 

  • Free15 min Phone Consultation

  • Review of current IEP and other supporting documentation

  • IEP Meetings 

  • Advocacy Letters

  • Disability Resources

  • Monthly Free Educational Coffee Talks

  • Autism Parent
  • 2 Yrs Regional Council Member Of Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services for the Individiual and Family support Program




About Me

Hello I am Twila Washington. I am a mother of 1 daughter who has autism. I am retired Navy and my day job is a Medical Technologist of 16 yrs. My daughter's diagnosis made me realize that there is a great need for advocacy in the special education community. My mission is to advocate and educate for children and parents in the special education sector.

 Contact: Twila Washington



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